Monday, 20 April 2009


Monday (Eurgh) April 20th. 10:42 pm. Song of the day Whoever She Is (Acoustic) by The Maine (Yes...The Maine again :))

Looooooook!!!! >>
Its aweeesooooome :D
6foot 1...
Taller then Liam and Lewis :D
Kinda freaky when you go upstairs and he is glaring at you from my room =/
I'm in bed now...and he is glaring at me from by the door :P
Ah well :D
Its amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg :D
:o...Louise just said she doesn't like The Maine very much :'(
Tony came today...
Going to TK Maxx tomorrow with look for a dress for the Volturi masked ball at the convention in October...yay...errr Dresses =/
Help :P
Aha Liam said something funny today...
He was talking on the phone to Megan and I went in and Megan was saying about my cut out...and she said oh if Burglars came in it'd scare them off and I thought she said burgers!! Really made me laugh then Liam said "Yeah I can just imagine burgers like flopping up the stairs and seeing Edward stood there! The bits of lettuce falling out and the tomato!! 'Ooo I've lost my gherkin'"!! I was crying with laughter :D!!
Probs had to be there =/
Think Kellan Lutz has Twitter...might be him...
Not sure...
Following him anyway :P!
That's all that really happened...=/
Byeee :D

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Traffic In A Box!

Sunday. 19th April. 11.16 pm. Song of the day The Way We Talk by The Maine
Had a bit of a day...
Kellan the fish died :'(
Kellaaaaaannn :(
And also...if he is at the convention...(The actor...not the fish :P) I'm gunna be filled with greif...i'll be like YOU DIED!! I'M SORRY I DIDN'T LOOK AFTER YOU PROPERLY :(
Onto something more cheerful =/
Well...Gemma turned up early-which annoyed me =/...we went to Dads.
Then Uncle Steve, Auntie Vicki, Penny, Freddy and Alice turned up...
Nana, Grandad and Auntie Sheila were a little late because of the traffic...
But the funniest thing happened :P...okay only I found it REALLY funny... but it was :D
Grandad came in holding a box...and me and Uncle Steve said "What's in the box?" and Grandad said -obviously not hearing us right- "Oh the traffic"
Traffic in a box XD
I was wetting myself!
Liam was the only one laughing with me :P
Ah how I laughed XD
We then played the Wii for a bit...
I held Alice...and she was sick...I was offended :P!
Then she started doing that weird squirmy thing that babys do...Really weird...
Then I listened to The Maine while beating Liam at Tennis on the Wii :D
Not much else...
Mum is making me get off this laptop at 12...Tony, my tutor is coming 2moz :( And if I don't I don't get the Edward cardboard cut out :(
"Tell me that you love meee and it'll be alrightttt" Ah The Maine...
Niiiiiiiiiiight :)


Sunday. 19th April. 11.55 in the morning.
Got up about an hour ago...
So no song of the day just yet :P
Got Dads birthday party today...
Should involve my cousin Penny asking to play Polly Pockets or to read to her, Freddy jumping on me and Alice (I love her name :)) crying...She has an awesome name so so y'no :P
I best go and get ready...

Saturday, 18 April 2009


I had another blog and it was but I thought I might make a new one :D
I'm Bianca,
I'm 13
And I'm a Twilighter/Twerd/Fanpire...whichever:)
I will talk about things other than Twilight :P Its main object of concentration :P
Today. Sunday 18th April. 20 minutes past 4. Song of the day, Everything I Ask For acoustic by The Maine <3
Just got back in from going round to the shop Time and Space to have a look at their new Twilight stuff :D
They havvvveee...
Duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
Not allowed one untill Monday or tuesday though :(
Its awesome :D
They also have all of the cullen crests except Carlisle's ring :)
So amazing :D
I already have all of the postcards, badges and the Edward and Jacob keyrings :)
Then we went to Tesco and we heard in the music shop a few shops up from Tesco....a girl singing with a mini guitar :P (I will have to find out the name of them =/)
She was really good!
Weird day :P
Bye :)